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The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, for developing standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educating members of the industry and the general public. Members of the PES are leaders in this field, and they — and their employers — derive substantial benefits, from involvement with this unique and outstanding association. The PES young professional community members are interested in elevating their professional image, expanding their global network, connecting with peers locally, and giving back to their community.

Silver sponsors

We are pleased to support the IEEE Western European Students and Young Professionals congress for the first time as a Silver Sponsor and to get in touch with many interested students. The event offers a great opportunity to present the fascinating working environment, the unique portfolio as well as the versatile fields of activity of RUAG in personal conversations and to address specific questions of the students. We are sure that we will all benefit from the exchange and make valuable contacts.

Alpiq is a leading Swiss energy services provider and electricity producer that operates throughout Europe. It offers its customers comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and marketing as well as energy optimisation. Alpiq has been generating climate-friendly and sustainable electricity from carbon-free Swiss hydropower for more than a hundred years. The power plant portfolio also comprises shares in two Swiss nuclear power plants as well as flexible thermal power plants, wind farms and photovoltaic facilities in Europe. The Alpiq Group has around 1,200 employees and is headquartered in Lausanne.

Innovaud is the innovation and investment promotion agency for the canton of Vaud. Our mission revolves around propelling innovative ventures to success, nurturing startups and high-potential companies. We are also the gateway for foreign companies wanting to establish a presence in the heart of Europe. Innovaud’s services encompass strategic guidance, international promotion, and fostering collaborations within our vibrant ecosystem. As a catalyst for innovation, we’re committed to transforming ideas into impact, making the Canton of Vaud an innovation hub.

Zurich Instruments makes cutting-edge instrumentation for scientists and engineers in advanced laboratories who are passionate about phenomena that are notoriously difficult to measure. The company’s hardware offering includes lock-in amplifiers, quantum computing control systems, impedance analyzers, and arbitrary waveform generators.
Zurich Instruments brings innovation to quantum control systems in the form of efficient workflows, tailored specifications, and a high degree of reliability. The company supports quantum researchers, allowing them to focus on developing quantum processors while benefiting from the most advanced classical control electronics and software.

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